An organization which uses an electronic visitor management system know the importance of identifying, tracking, and documenting people who enter the healthcare facility, school, government agency, and business.

In case you are one of them, you might have gone through the process of testing and researching different systems, consulting, and other primary decision makers in the facility, selecting, purchasing, and also implementing the right system and training the staff. After s time, the system will become a part of the security culture of the facility.

Visitor Management Software company mentions that it is time to take the visitor management system upgrade it in order to get the most out of it.

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Review and Analyze Visitor Traffic

As you collect the data of visiting over time, it is necessary to analyze the information that you have collected for identifying the areas where you need to improve or find out loopholes in the manner in which you manage the visitors. A majority of the Visitor Management Software Company have tools which enable the uses to generate detailed reports about the visitor’s trends and traffic.

Implement Time-Expiring Visitor Badges

When a time-expiring visitor badge is activated, the color changing process becomes tamper proof and it cannot be changed anymore. The badges are known to change color for preventing the reusing the visitor pass next day. Otherwise, without the badge changing color, you need to get really close to the read date on visitor badge in order to decide if a visitor is actually reusing the batch.

Add a Waiver Liability of a Confidentiality Agreement

The visitor pass can have a visitor management message printed on it. In such a case just by accepting the badge, the visitor accepts the waiver liability or confidentiality agreement. In the visitor badge from Visitor Management Software Company, you can custom print whatever security you would like to have. Having a visitor agreement on the visitor badge allows the facility to clearly state what should be expected of the visitor.

Use the Custom-Print Badge

Another good idea is to use popular batch tags says Visitor Management Software Company. These are actually plastic cards that are worn with lanyard or card which carry the adhesive visitor rather than sticking it directly to the visitor clothing. The badge tags can be printed on the backside with the security procedures of the facility and emergency information.

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Keep a Manual Sign Book as Back Up

When you have computer virus attack, the power goes out or the Visitor Management Software Company isn’t working. The staff members in the reception need to find out another way to in order to keep doing their jobs. Visitor documentation does not just because the electronic system is down. The security personnel have to be ready with the manual sign-book which comes into the facility. Manual solutions will be able to accomplish the same function as the electronic counterparts. This includes the issuing of the visitor pass and obtaining a permanent record of all the visits. An added bonus is being able to obtain the book during the evacuation so you know who are still in the facility. Read more about IT Softwares here!